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We meet every week for Sabbath school and fun social events throughout the year:

Sabbath School

Every Saturday morning, youth are welcomed into the Youth House "Garage" to get to know each other and God through studying the Bible together. Many are involved in perfoming music or or participating in discussions or other fun activities that are planned especially for the young people to grow with and enjoy.

Music Involvement
There are many opportunities to use the Youth's musical talents together with other musicians for services, including church, Sabbath school, verspers, and extracurricular programs. 

Vespers Program
Every Friday evening during the summer, and often during the school year, the youth participate in and enjoy a vespers service at one of the church members' homes or at the Youth House. The kids eat a mini-meal to start off the evening (of course!), then talk and play outdoors for an hour before gathering to sing songs together and listen to a worship thought to bring in the Sabbath.

Summer Wakeboarding Program
During the months of July and August, youth gather at a member's lakeside property on Samish Lake in Bellingham. Several boats take them out onto the lake for wakeboarding, surfing, tubing and crazy fun.

New Year's Lock In Party
Youth fellowship together to eat lots of pizza and snacks, challenge each other with active games in the Skagit Adventist Academy gym, play board games and video games, and find tricky objects in the annual Scavenger Hunt in the main church building. It is a treat to see who can stay up all night. Tired kids eat a yummy breakfast in the morning before they leave to go home and nap!

Soonogo Youth Rally
Carloads of youth attend the annual Washington Conference Youth Rally in the South Puget Sound area. After a day of worship, growth, fellowship, and fun with other high-school-aged kids in Western Washington, the Pulse Youth Group gathers at the Spaghetti Factory to celebrate a great day.

Monthly Friendship House Meal Service
A Pulse Youth team provides God's hands for service at a local homeless shelter once a month, serving haystack taco salads to the homeless.

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