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Teaching Series

There are many wonderful stories in the Bible. How many young hearts and lives have been challenged through the years to face off against impossible odds: David against Goliath. Gideon with 300 men. Joshua at Jericho. Queen Ester who said, “If I die, I die” and bravely represented God’s people. This is a series of your favorite Bible stories that everyone will love. And hopefully, they will be presented in a way, you’ve never considered before!

Mar 14 Deborah & Sisera
Mar 21 Noah
Mar 28 Samson
Apr 11 Jonah
Apr 18 Balaam
Apr 25 Gideon
May 02 David & Goliath
May 16 Daniel
May 24 Abraham, Shem, Nimrod, Melchizedek
May 30 Joshua